About our learning method

The Tennis Learning Process is a program supported by lesson plans and training courses dedicated to helping recreational tennis teachers.

The author of the TLP, Simon Légaré, is recognized by many as one of Canada’s leading authorities on recreational tennis for children and adults.

The lesson plans have been created so that the students can evolve in an environment where they can Learn, Move and Measure (compete against themselves or against an opponent). This is called the LMC approach.

Teachers will follow on-court lessons in order to implement the related lesson plans. These lesson plans are available on the Tennis Learning Process platform, a paid platform with very affordable fees.

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Let me introduce myself:

Simon Légaré, Founder

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Simon Légaré, a Level 3 certified coach by Tennis Québec and the author of the Tennis Learning Process.

After having given a 36-hour training course for new instructors more than 100 times, I came to the conclusion that without a proper recipe book (lesson plans) it was unrealistic to ask a new and inexperienced instructor to plan his own tennis lessons.

His lack of experience means that he does not have the necessary tools to properly plan his lessons. For this reason, I have created a simple program that focuses on the key elements that will make this new instructor effective with his students.

It is a process that focuses on the different levels of play of the students and the 4 programs of learning which are the cooperative, adaptive, oppositional and tactical programs.


Indeed, 1 day may seem like a very short time to train a tennis teacher. The fact that we have online training and also have lesson plans associated with the Tennis Learning Process allows us to save a lot of training time on-field. So in just 1 day we can train a teacher to be competent and ready to implement the lesson plans.

No! The Tennis Learning Process course is for new and experienced teachers. This course is designed to standardize the teaching of recreational tennis players.

The Tennis Learning Process is an extremely rigorous program from a pedagogical point of view and it is easy to understand and implement. Normally the recommendation is to offer a training course to people 16 years of age and older but some organizations prefer to offer it to young people under 16 years of age in order to involve them as assistant to the responsible teacher. To date, this experience (having youth under 16) has been more than surprising as these youth have responded well to the Tennis Learning Process training sessions. So they will gain experience and be ready to take over when the time comes.

The fact that it is a turnkey course, i.e. a course where the teacher will have access to lesson plans following his or her training, differentiates it from other training courses. Also, the fact that the internship is only one day long makes it possible to offer a training course at a lower cost. These factors will greatly help to address the shortage of teachers that many organizations are facing in recent years.