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Despite the excellent training course offerings, it is clear that new tennis teachers enter the recreational teaching environment feeling that they do not have enough expertise to plan their own lessons.

Find out how well your students are playing

Our program offers a solution to this problem with :

Pre-Internship Training

A pre-internship training (online) to reduce the number of hours of on-field training, and thus reduce costs.

Field Training

A live training session so that tennis teachers can quickly implement the lesson plans inside our program.

Online Courses

Online lesson plans accessible at all times through the Tennis Learning Process platform.

A "Fun-before-all" Approach

Focused on the LMM approach so that students develop in a fun environment.

An effective learning process!

The Tennis Learning Process is based on lesson plans that links the students’ level of play to the 4 learning programs. These lessons have been created so that your students, both children and adults, can evolve in an environment where they can Learn, Move and Measure (compete against themselves or against an opponent).

This is called the LMM approach. Teachers will learn to understand the process through a one-day workshop, in order to implement the related lesson plans.

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Define the level of play of your students and train them according to these 4 programs:

Before facing an opponent, recreational tennis players must learn to trade cooperatively with the opposing player.

In the cooperation program, students will learn to better control the different characteristics of the ball. They will learn to control the height, speed, distance and direction of the ball in order to develop consistency in the exchanges.

In this program, the student will learn to adapt to the different characteristics of the ball on reception. Your students will learn to adapt to balls of different heights (high or low), speeds (slow or fast), distances (short or long) and directions (far right or far left).

This program will allow your students to use the positioning of the ball to develop opposition. They will understand the difference between the direction (cross, straight, etc.) and distance (bunt, deep ball) of the ball in order to provoke and attack the opponent.

This program will teach your students to make the right tactical decisions (play choices) based on the ball they receive, either in defensive, exchange or attack mode.

An easy-to-use platform!

Now you can access your courses quickly and easily with the new online platform!

Join a community of tennis teachers and train through intuitive technical and tactical courses.

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